To the beginning of an End.

When you start reading a story it’s majorly divided into three parts. The beginning, the middle and the end. Life is more or less like that, obvious is the fact that it has it’s ups and downs and not always a happy ending and even at times you don’t even get closure at all. 

You need to understand the atmosphere before you read this blog. I am sitting in my room and packing my bags for the last year of college. It will be the last time that I will be heading to my hostel to start the beginning of an end. This is the last year of my graduation and it has made me rather nostalgic. 

I won’t bore you with my college stories , I am sure you have plenty of your own. But what I would like to share is how one can make this end of a new phase worth it.

You remember that first girl/boy you met on campus who you faught with and suddenly you had a sworn enemy? Well talk to that person. Be the first one to say hello and crush down all the bitter memories. I am sure you don’t even remember the reason that made you to part ways in the first place !

Along the road we all made friends. All of us thought it wouldn’t last long and yet it did. I am sure college produced some pretty amazing friendship bonds. Keep them close. Make a bucket list with your buddies and go bonkers because if not now then when will you ever complete that crazy list of yours with people who are equally bizarre as you are!

Take in your campus , explore it to the fullest. There might be nooks and corners that your eyes would have missed. Who knows you can find a reunion spot! 

College crushessssss! All of us have that one person who we are head over heels for. But not once have we had the courage to go over and start a conversation. Or that person could be a friend and we might be too afraid to cross the line. Oh well I guess it’s about time to cross those lines and give love a chance. That person could be your ever after. And even if not, it’s better to let your heart out then live in a delimma for the rest of your life “she loves me she loves me not” , it’s time you asked her/him instead! 

To the bullies and the bullied. Learn to accept rejection as well as learn to say no. Keep your ego aside, not everything is going to be the way you planed it out. Every individual is different with different choices and opinions. LEARN TO LIVE WITH THAT! it’s not shameful. Help someone in trouble, not being part of a gang which is full of haters does not make you less awesome. Popularity at the price of your soul is not worth having.

Have been wondering about to finally do something towards the things you are passionate about? Well go ahead and do it! Learn a new instrument, learn how to write, develop a taste for reading, learn to drive, swim, race! I mean the world is at your feet take a step forward and embrace it!

The last but not the least. Never let anyone tell you to be someone you are not. Never give up on your dreams. Always be a friend, you never know who might be silently asking for help.

Live- let live.Love- let love.and Laugh.

~Snowy Rahi


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