The purity in untouchability – myth of virginity.

Living in the 21st century are we? 
He said ” nothing would please me more than the blood that will flow through you when the first time we do it” were the words coming from the mouth of a guy for his beloved, the guy being a staunch believer of gender equality. Why is it that the purity of a girl is judged by the fact of her capability to bleed on her wedding night ? What if she was in love with a boy and sex is after all an act of love and further somehow it didn’t work for whatever may be the reason and they break up. In this situation does the girl has no right to start afresh? To fall in love again, to get married and start a family. Why all the ristrictions on girls when it comes to the talk of virginity. A girl is not a metal that you measure it’s purity on the basis of what other metal has it been mixed with and to what extent. A girl is a girl. She has as much feelings as anyone who is capable of having them . 

I feel disgusted when the “oh so liberal people” of our society , act as goons when it comes to their lives. It’s fine to have sex with a girl who is your girlfriend but a wife well she has to be a virgin. Such hypocrisy burns me from within.

Of all the sort of mix and match of people that society is made of , hypocrites are the ones that sting me the most. A million of tinny glass pieces pierce me at a million different places when I read or hear or encounter such incidents that makes me want to curse God for creating women with such qualities which if once ended at certain circumstance might be the cause of life long pain and punishment to her. 

If a girl gets raped it’s her fault she must have provoked the boy, if she is beaten well she deserves it she must have outraged her man, if she does not bleed on the wedding night she is labeled to be a harlot. 

Of all the towns of all the continents of all the worlds that ever exist , from the past till the present , it’s only the female sex that had to go through trials in order to prove their chastity. These unnumbered labels that engulf the she sex are outrageous . it’s not before long that the last string of their patience will break and the thunderstorm that will follow might creates such huge tides that will engulf the world as a whole.


The hues of India.

Rajasthan . The word itself holds the gravity of the rich history that supports it. from the time of kings and princesses to the time when democracy rules the land, India has seen many hues of changes. when i mean changes i am not just talking geographically or historically but also morally and ethically. in a male dominating society it is more than an achievement for a women to bloom. this is a universal truth. breaking all the social barriers that the society has put up, in a village of Tilonia , Rajasthan , under the title of ” Barefoot College” the work of an NGO is remarkable.

This blog post is a continuation of the previous one. i spent a day in Tilonia, Rajasthan, where this NGO has set up a college for making the ladies employable or rather self employed as i saw the nannies and grannies working their way through the circuits of solar panels ! they are truly going to be forever young. with a lot many things that caught me off guard , there was this one thing that made my heart smile. no matter the division of labor among the ladies they all were closely knitted together with the same cultural traditions of their region. from the long flowey lehnga to the covering of their heads with the dupatta. traditionally well dressed and beautifully accessorized , they bewitched me with their charm and charisma. meeting them i realized its never too late to start afresh and its not always good to fit inside the small clutches of our society , who knows that a misfit might grow where you least expect it to.

  When a lady who breaks all the taboos and makes solar panels to lighten up her village with the gift of electricity, this is how calm and beautiful she looks . 
 The hands of a home maker and the same ones that are moulding the future of a nation. Beauty comes in all sorts of forms, you just got to keep looking!

  The circuit of solar panels. Solar mama all set to light up her village. Isn’t that amazing ? 

There were women from 24 different countries living together as a family being trained by the rajasthani ladies to make solar panels and go back to their countries and bring theit dark villages to light.

Incredible India 

I was on a 5 day traveling tour. And covered the golden triangle of tourisim in india. That is Delhi , the capital of the country, Rajasthan which has it’s own rich history and cultur which is still shows in it’s residents and finally Agra where one of the seven wonders of the world is located – ” Taj Mahal” . This blog post covers the magnificent Taj Mahal , there will be two more similar posts on delhi and Rajasthan . As per now I    shall let the lense of my camera speak.

This is one of the surah from the holy Qur’ Aan  that has been ingraved on the outer walls of the Taj Mahal. With the magnificent and majestic body that this place holds and even though I was surrounded by hundreds of people who came to visit the place , I felt that the graves beneath this beautiful dome still kept the atmosphere that of calm and untouched .

Situated on the banks of river Yamuna ,the location enhances Taj Mahal’s beauty. The sunset is a sight to behold when you look at it standing on the marble floor of the Taj . Just awe struck.

A picture of Taj Mahal partially hidden by the trees , which are acting as a Viel to protect the beauty beneath. 

Finally here is a full view picture of “Taj Mahal” . Ever have you encountered something that is not living and yet is capable of stopping your heart beat mid way . It was my first visit to the place and all I want to do now is re visit it and sit under the gardens outside . Perhaps read a bit? Or maybe just admire the beauty of the place that so aptly justifies as being the somnolent of love . It’s not on false notation that this monument is one of the seven wonders of the world.  


eople have different ways of portraying their emotions. Some use anger, some tears, some click photographs to speak out their heart’s desire and some , like me , use words. 
HYPOCRITES. Yes they are living breathing “things” around you. They themselves might have done a thousand splendid tasks which are so very socially disapproved by them when someone else does them. This is one of the many characters that will help you recognise these “things”. But if you want to look deeper to save yourself from the claws and clutches of these “things” then you, my friend , need to watch out. They wear all sorts of masks that make you believe that they are your well wishers or your guardian angels but when you really look up close , you see pitchfork hiding behind their halo. And if even now you have trouble finding them then let me give you another of their biological characteristic. When you cut your finger and if that “thing” sees the blood, it might jump up and come yelling to you that it matches to its blood as well! And you might fall for that. You might believe that it belongs to your bloodline and will stand by you no matter what. But as soon as that “thing” gets a chance it will put its pitchfork into that blood and Vallah! it turns black. Just like a black widows venom. 

All that’s said and done. I want to pre warn the humans out there to beware of such “things” called hypocrites. 

The hunt

The twinkling of stars above and below. He reached for her hand in that moment of serenity.Heart pounding, millions of questions popping up like a hideous devil making his palm sweat cold. She tilted her head in a way that made him catch his breath mid way. 

She leaned towards him and whispered into his ear ” Only if you will get me a firefly will i be yours.”

Walking ahead he realized that a lion’s paw wasn’t meant for such hunts.

Daily Prompt: Complicated

via Daily Prompt: Complicated

For the most complicated things tend to hold a certain gripping beauty towards them. have you seen the jigsaw puzzle? how beautifully the piece slide from one place to another and they keep on sliding until the puzzle is completed. that complicated thing when sorted gives a peace  of mind that an uncomplicated thing would never have. its not that simple things aren’t beautiful, its just the complicated things makes your mind stir and forces you to come up with a solution to make the most ugly situations turn beautiful. as it is , its not until you face a thunderstorm that you appreciate the beauty of a rainbow.



It was easy to make love to a body , but to rip apart her cloth like tears and to caress every part of her eyelid with the blink of his lashes. the kohl of her eyes smugged like scattered cloths on floor. their hearts skipped a beat for a nano second before beating with the speed of a roller coaster. that afternoon his enchanted dark brown eyes took everything that her hazel had to offer.