Virtuality taking Real Lives : Blue Whale Suicide Game.

We live in a real word surrounded by virtual environment. It’s the era of Facebook, What’s App, Instagram etc etc but it is also the era of major addictive virtual games. Be it COC better known as “clash of clans” or “candy crush”or “criminal case” the list goes on. As much as I hate seeing a generation ,who won’t have stories to tell as grandparents, wasting their life infront of screens I fear for them.

I fear for kids who are vulnerable enough to take their own life in order ṭo win a game. 

The Blue Whale is one such game. If you haven’t already heard about it let me give you a brief insight on what’s it all about. 

The Blue Whale is a virtual suicide game which was developed by a Russian psychology student who was explled from his college. This game accepts participants who want to end their life in a fun way. It majorly attracts students suffering from mental illness such as depression, anxiety etc. The game consists of 50 levels which are comprised of infliction of self harm. After completing each task the person is supposed to send a photograph of the self harm done. They play with the psychology of the human in such a way that ensures that a person does not back out. The last i.e the 50th level is when the gamer has to commit suicide. 

You might think that ‘so what there is such a game? It’s JUST a game after all.’ Well it’s not. 

Throughout Russia and China the game has taken almost 150 innocent lives. It has now spread it’s roots to India. Last week a 14 year old student from mumbai commited suicide and today I read on the paper’s that a student of 7th standard ,Indore tried commiting suicide by jumping of a three story building,but luckily was saved. Still think it’s just a game? 

I am a student of psychology and I am a sister, an aunt, a friend as well. I have a family and I have friends. My purpose of writing this blog is simple. I want to keep all those I love safe. I am sure you would want the same. 

So I talked to my psychology professors and asked that what could be the deriving force behind such a hideous task. To cover all that Information I’ll put forth the word “psychopath”. But what is more important is how can we tackle this situation? 

They told me that to start with TALK- TAKE NOTICE – COUNSULT. 

it’s three basic steps. Talk to the kids around you, ask them to speak. Ask them how their day was, what they did at school, listin to their childish problems. When you put efforts they know that you Care .

Take notice. If the person is too self occupied and you notice a divination in their behaviour don’t ignore it. If a person is behaving unusually or is too quite please keep all your work aside and ask what’s going on in their life.

Consult. If you realise that the situation is out of your hand or even if you do figure out that something somewhere is wrong don’t hesistate to take professional help. A trained psychologist Is your best option. 

Please spread the word and show you care. Stay safe. 
~Snowy Rahi



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