Literature: An Analogy with society

Here is a blog post written by a friend of mine. He is a student of English Literature at Aligarh Muslim University and has a versatile personality. From writing to playing basketball to trekking the trodden paths of the mountain. Here is a blog post by SHubham Sharma. Hope you guys enjoy it.

We have been studying literature since we were toddlers, perusing each and every aspect of Literary terminology. However, we are still unable to comprehend the exact meaning of this term “literature”. If we carefully perpend this word, it gives haphazard obscurity. Albeit late, but I have understood the meaning of literature. Literature for me is the connection of experiences. In other words it is a quintessential confluence of various ideas and ideals, amalgamated into one. For example: if we consider the circumstances prevailing in Elizabethan period, Renaissance and the Romantic Period, writers had sundry experiences and they penned down them. Now, it is Literature that has intermingled all those experiences and connected them with one string. 
Unfortunately we have confined “our” literary knowledge solely to books. But real cognizance of literature comes from the society, which decides the literature of the sphere it covers. For most of us, literature is just a subject not a delight. Studying literature as it is meant to be studied, hones our grey matter and generates conscience plus conviction. It makes us a better being and a good teacher as well. My English professor said a very beautiful hence introspective line about teachers, “A good teacher does not make good students rather a good teacher makes better teachers”. And for being a good teacher you must have the possession of conscience and conviction.
 As a student, one must have two dreams: one is getting knowledge and the other is getting character. Mark Twain’s quote finds relevance in this context. He says, “The two most important days in your life are, the day on which you were born and the day on which you find out why”. That day had certainly came in my life when i opted for Literature. I felt a certain excitement. I could fancy myself with the greatest of ease. Ignorance was bliss for me before, but later it was my remedial weakness. 
For me Literature acted as a mould in which it shaped my clayey mind to tackle life problems with ingenuity. Literature has turned my idle yesterday to a delightful tomorrow. 

-SHubham SHarma


Mysterious Misconceptions.

For he loved the mystery in me

Trending fashion seems contagious

Contagious to the level of infecting the pure social stigma of love

Love having been defined through time and back

Back with the mystery in your beloved’s eyes

Eyes that were mysterious through the era of romantics it may seem

Seems the power of love feeling void in contrast to that of mystery

Mystery is the dame that every heart ached for, went the saying

Sayings complicating the simplicity of relationships in today’s world

World where the beauty of connecting through open hearts got lost

” Lost Cause”, is the prefix or suffix the word “relationship” holds now

Now is the time to open up your body and soul,

To wake up and kiss him on the lips, as in the old times it goes

Let the mystery be only in the eyes of your beloved and not be a hovering cloud in your relationship

Love him as he loves you, open and wide

Wide like the unhidden ocean beneath thine beloved’s eye.



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