Grey Is The God of Blurred Lines.

It has always been a debatable argument that in what line spectra do majority of us lie. People are a lot many shades of VIBGYOR. If you really think of it they are a lot many shades of a lot many colors, but mostly humans lie either in the black or white arena of the spectra. Or at least that is what they would like to believe.

But the hard hitting realty is just like a big grey boulder which pulls you out of your comfort zone and you realize that there is no black or white but only grey.

The most honest lot that lies in the black and white, right and wrong, accepting and rejecting category is the kids. I mean think of it this way, they are the only people who will tell you to your face that you are an ugly human being or that you are beautiful. They get the most honest of the vibes and always stick to their white or black.

The most grayish people, and I don’t mean Christian grey sorts of grey but, the diplomatic, the cant-pick-a-side, the sulk in shadow kind of grey are us adults, or at least that is what you call people who no longer want to be a part of an honest reality. We pick grey because it’s easy; it’s easier to simply be the crowed rather than a face in the crowed.

Here the argument could be that we always take a stand for what we believe in. Thinking of it this way the shade grey is rather deceptive. Grey , you might think is like walking on straight line but actually there is always this probability of it to switch, it goes from light to dark and back to light within a short span.

I say, grey is the god of blurred lines because it is where it’s the most easy to get lost, to lose yourself in the process of blending in. Black and white is challenging and abstract, the blur of grey is easy and beautiful.

Snowy Rahi


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