Art Challenge : Day 6

Dream destination . Everyone has that urge to travel. To see as far as eyes allow and smell the wonders of the worlds delicacies and reach the sky as high as the mountains permit and yet travel beyond those infinite undefined lines.   

Write up by miss Afreen Fatima ! 

Calligraphy by miss Yashfeen Fatima . world of Disney is something that she fantises about ! Prince and their palaces is perhaps every girls dream place 😋

Photo by Mariyam Tariq . Hill stations always have their way. The calm , the peace , the never ending green cascade covering hills and that sailing on top of clouds mountain tops ! 

Photo submission by Mr Amir Pashtun. Look Inside, The Hayat Baksh Bagh, which means “Life-bestowinggarden”, is the largest of the gardens in the Red Fort in Delhi. Architecture: Ustad Ahmad Lahauri Location: Red Fort, The Hayat Baksh Bagh, Delhi .

Write up by miss Shamaila Fatima.

And Miss Zabi is back with her amazing doodling work !from the minute details to the words, her art work says it all! 

Photo,calligraphy, presentation and edit by Soumya Abidi. Well girl is there something left? So much effort and a master piece is created ! One of the best submissions till date. Keep up the fine work ! 

Photo by Arshi Zeba. Away from this world full of smog and dirt and dust. Into a beautiful sunset coloured arena is what everyone of us craves currently . A beautiful picture indeed.

Photo submission by Bushra. No place like home. For indeed the beauty of the sky never feels more homely and never acts more of a roof then when you are sitting on the ground of the place you call home. 

Photo by Samreen. The wast and open meadows are what calles her. To run with naked feet on that great grass and then to collapse on its ground and just giggle and laugh like a carefree innocent child.

Photo by Rahil. Coorg, the Scotland of india. Is where he’d rather be than on a monotonous office chair 😉


Dream destination. When we hear the word ‘Destination’ we mostly relate it to the end of something. But destination has no end to it. People tend to give up too easily these days, Actually the problem is that there is a difference between ‘Desire’ and ‘Destination’ that one needs to understand, and ‘Destination’ is the goal, ‘Desire’ is temporary and yes once your reach your dream destination, then you may fetch out your desires anyway. Just don’t let the spark into you go like that, Work upon your dream, not for yourself but for the person you will be in five years. At Least, be your own hero. Struggle for success not for money. So, If you have a dream and you have a destination to reach then never satisfy yourself with temporary desires. And yes, 
“The Harder the Struggle, the more glorious the Trump”

Ouch, *Triumph ~ photo and write up submission by Areeb Uddin.

Submission by Siraj. Barcelona Spain.. its the football stadium of FC barcelona. And to watch Messi play on its ground is what would just be a cherry on the cake !

The happiest moment in your life is when ,you’re standing in a place once you dreamed.

My dream destination _

Women’s college ~ photo and write up by Tazeen.

Photo and edit by Mr Dutt. Australia is his Dream destination. No justification needed, after all who wouldn’t want to see the Sydney Opera House ? 😉
With this the day 6 comes to an end ! 

Topic for Day 7 : LITERATURE !!! you can write your own verse or poetry . You can send a quote of your favourite author or book . You can tell which book or novel or poem is your favourite. There has to be some passion for words people ! LET IT OUT ! language is no bar ( I’ll put up an explanation in English for all those who will submit the literature of any other language) . Let’s get started ! 


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