Art Challenge : Day 5

And here is the post of art challenge day 5! i am enjoying to see your increasing love and submission for this game. Thankyou people for all the admiration and support. So far so good! keep up the good work guys!

photo by : Snowy Rahi. And these are the few things without whose presence in my room the winter atmosphere seems incomplete. rather the pen and diary is an inseperable part of my being lately so it had to be on “something in my room.”

photo by anonymous. Well what more does a room needs to be perfect? this person has the most interesting aura. With a blend of music and books this seemes to be one of the perfect ambiance for a place to chill in.

photo by Miss Habiba. and these fairy lights seems to light up the room and heart alike. Ain’t it pretty watching these artificial fireflies?

sketch by Miss Afreen Fatima. her bag seems to be the most noticeable thing in her room for  her. I wonder all the things that are kept inside it that makes its existence so interesting !

photo by Mr Dutt. Well staying away from home apparently its his last speck of hope for entertainment and to kill time.

photo by Mr Shashank Gupta. His music speakers are an amazing and prized possession that he would like to flaunt. But then if you have it, why not flaunt it? 😛

photo submission by Miss Sahar Khan. Her beautiful wall paintings done by her redefine the norms of room decorations! kuddos girl. Its indeed a beautiful art work.

Miss Tazeen sends a collage of all the things that pretty much make up her room to this cosy nook in her house. Hat’s off to your creative mind and its creations!

photo submission by Street photography of aligarh. And in the darkest corners seeps in the brightest of lights. this picture is a perfect example of that.

photo submission by Miss Sabahat Zaidi. Her artwork is beautifully displayed on the wall of her room adding to its beauty and charm.

photo by Miss Yashfeen Fatima. Her dream catcher is her prized display art craft that also shoo’s away all her bad dreams and let her have a sound goodnight or mid day sleep 😛

photo submission by Mr Kamran. He does seem to have a lot to study . its good to see the mixture of language that comprise his book collection. Its getting rearer by the day. Good collection boy!

photo submission by Mr Rahil. his connection with almighty is beautifully displayed in all his submissions 🙂

sketch submission by miss Bushra Fatima. Her life and her room summed up in one sketch. Well this is a very good submission girl ! i like the working of your brain 😉

sketch submission by miss Arshi Zeba. Indeed, nothings calms you down more than the verse of the Qura’an. A beautiful sketch.

photo by Miss Fateen. And the beauty of the walls of her room is enhanced by her painting.

photo by Haifa Kulsum. This seems to be showing heights of creativeness in her room’s ambiance.

photo submission by Miss Soumya Abidi. one sentence for her submission. I cant believe you sent this.

photo submission by miss Choudhary .Probably the most bright , colerful and well oriented wall of a room that i have come across in a really long time!

Photo submission by Hammad Uz Zafar. Ever seen walls speaking this loud ? I am Turing into a big big fan of your work.

here is the last submission for day 5. Submission by Miss Mariam Tariq. Its potraying her beautiful creation on her wall. keep up the good work girl!


With this the day 5 comes to a wrap up.

Topic for Day 6 : Dream Destination. paint your heart out! send the most beautiful and unusual of clicks with a write up and do the most crazy of edits! tell the world what your heart craves. All the best folks !


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