Art Challenge : Day 4

I always put my work at the end of my blog post but this time i thought I’ll begin with what i have to say. Friendship. with me it started when i was 3 years old, wearing a monkey cap and jacket and sitting out in the sun looking freakishly cute and feeling awfully irritated because even at 3 i knew a monkey cap could never be cool! then i saw this other girl, whose dad stopped to talk to my dad and she was wearing a monkey cap as well and then there was this another little girl of my nano size sitting on the ground wearing the same monkey cap as the two of us. It was then we looked at each other and smiled and 19 years later we are still going stronger than ever. so yeah i have had friends who were just always there, i mean i opened my eyes and pop ! they were there.

then one fine day i went to school, all dolled up in my navy blue uniform crying like a chicken( trust me i looked ugly to the power 23998). and then i was suddenly in a room full of girls wearing the same dress that i was and its since then i just knew they were a part of me, well not all of them but a major chunk of them. its been 14 years since and i can still say when i go home during my college break all of us will meet and giggle and tell each other who is dating who and how doomed our lives seems.

then there is this lot of annoying , crazy , flirtatious, the there for me at 3am kind, my bro gang. was it class 9 or 11? i cant put a finger to it but till date they have never let me regret having met them. they are the ones who call me at 4 in the morning to say ” yar tu mar kyu nai jati”. they travel 230km just to see me for 3 hours, its with them i share my ‘guy problems’ and go insanely crazy with! i know ” they will handle my shit”.

and then there is my “abdullah ka khandaan” , my college family. nothing, i mean nothing on earth could make me feel this home away from home other than these people. the girls , my girls are turning into a family, turning into my family. we fight, we laught, we eat and at times even have to go to pee together ! our lives our intertwined. i hate them when they dont do things according to me but they hate me when i do the same so i guess that neutralizes things. all i am trying to say is with all the mess that is on my life i still would rather cry in front of them than sulk and die. which is what i choose most of the time. from dressing up for a red carpet event to just sitting and hogging food in my shorts , they have seen it all ! ans since they are still here ( i mean shocking right?) they define every level of why college friends last a lifetime!!

The following posts are by people , majority pictures showing their IRREVOCABLE AND IRRESISTIBLE LOVE for their friends. hope you all enjoy the post!

doodling and painting by Miss Soumya Abidi. well alot of double meaning in your words girl, but then again the person you love could also be your friend πŸ˜‰

this is my personal favourite ! Photo Submission: Hammad Uz Zafar. syed sahab indeed this picture is a very lively one. put up that ear to ear smile on anyone’s face.

Photo Submission : Mr Siraj. He says “friendship is partying together” πŸ˜€

Doodling and painting done by Miss Haifa Kulsum. well i will let her words speak for her. why kill the essence of it? πŸ™‚

photo and edit by : Sabahat Zaidi

photo and edit by : Mr Dutt. aint it a class click?

sketch by Yashfeen Fatima. her creativity is just inceasing by the minute !

calligraphy by miss Fateen. her words say it all !

Friendship? We hear this word often and tend you assume that the bond two people share is called friendship. But sometimes it is more than that, people expect and then they regret, its not always people will like you or yes the other way round. Friendship is a pure relation that tend to last forever with any conditions or clauses, And if we talk about loyalty the best one can fetch for is an animal, which tend to understand you without knowing what you can give them, that is the basic principle that is the basic principle it works upon. In today’s world people are just friends because they want friends, but yes there are people who tend to fetch out those diamonds which are meant to be there as a support forever. So, I believe that friends are the family we choose. “True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. ” photo and write up by Mr Areeb Uddin

and here is a super edit by miss Zabi ! what can i say i cant stop this silly giggle passing my lips!!

here is an Adorable picture submitted By Mr Shashank , alina and you look so cute in this ! its great to see your school friendship going strong.

photo by Miss Tazeen . she says “apni yaari sab pe bhari Ruby Quadri, Ruby Quadri!! Ruuubbbbbbyyyyyy love Tazeen. partners in crime, the jungleeeees you are my photographr and i am your photo freak. I love you meri moootiiii :* :*”

photo submission by Mariam Tariq. this is the cutest thing on blog today!

write up by Miss Afreen Fatima.

photo submission by Alina Siraj. and then there are such submissions which make you nostalgic AF!

photo submission by : Habiba. because girls tend to do everything together !

photo submission by Mr Rahil. and hence true friendship is potrayed in just one click πŸ™‚

photo submission by  miss Arshi Zeba: this left me in tears. her people, my people. a constant, rather a forever constant is this gir :*  thankyou for this submission!

lets end the post that gives us something to thibk and re think about . wake up people before its too late to even realise that it wasnt a dream. write up by Mr Sharjeel Usmani.


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