Art Challange : Day 3

Submission by miss Zabi. Here is a beautiful doodling piece done by her within it’s intricate patterns lie it’s beauty! Well done girl. It’s amazing to see such zeal.

My my my here we have a submission by miss Afreen Fatima! I can see that her love for Taylor Swift is irrevocable and she paints this love with the red of her lip shade. Pretty out of the box thing !

Sketch by Hammad Uz zafar. The depth. The pain. The blood . If any thing else could speak more of the trouble and pain of the human heart then let that be brought forth. Syed sahab your work is just splendid !
Painting by Habiba . For the girls in veil hides everything beneath their cloak but their eyes betray them. Beautiful art work! Keep the creativity flowing girl!
Another anonymous submission comes our way. It’s good to see the girls playing it bold . Bleed red . If society creeps out then it’s their problem not yours as it is who could compete with his creation which bleeds for 7 days a month and yet plays the game of life the toughest!
Write up by miss Shamaila Fatima. Words that need to be listened to !
Photo by mr Sahil. The bright red in the sky just adds more to the beauty of it. A reminder that even if your life canvas Is dark , it’s never too late to paint it red 😉
Phenomenal calligraphy by miss Mariyam Tariq. Because a girl knows how to set her curvs right 😉
Photo submission by mr Rahil . Ain’t it nature captured at it’s best?! Kudos !
Painting by Miss Yashfeen Fatima. She says she is enjoying and wants to keep playing along !
Write up by Mr Kamran.
Sketch by Mr Dutt. Ah! Indeed the red of the heart is the deepest and bleeds the longest. Keep up the good work !
Photo submission by Mr Shashank Gupta. The glitter and shine and shimmer after all it’s something about red that engulfs the dark and brightens the rest!
Photo submission by Mr Siraj. He says it’s his old school bag 😋

Photo by Miss Tazeen. ” This is the only red in my life these days” were her words for her geography file. I feel for you girl 😅
The red of my lips the colour of my heart and everything else that seems to make this world a better place to live in includes a women in it’s parameters . Maya Angelou rightly said ” I am a women phenomenally , phenomenal women. That’s me !” . Photo submission by Miss Soumya Abidi.
Words should never be imposed on pictures that speak volumes. And so I will keep mum. Miss Fateen has done a splendiD job indeed 💜
Photo and edit by Mr Amir. Such class edits are needed to seen more often. Keep playing !

Every relationship has ups and downs. There are times when one feels let down by the other. And its that guilt which haunts the former. For me red is betrayal. For me red is pain. For me red is something which I don’t want to see in other’s life. Sketch and write up by Mr Rameez.

Another anonymous submission. Such beauty, thankyou dear without for letting your words add a little bit of red to our lives .
Sketch of a rose by miss Nawira Rafi. A diamond might be forever but a rose is for a lifetime spent together ❤️
Sketch submission by miss Sabahat Zaidi. That painful moment when your cellular device shows this sign ! Am I right or am I right 😁
And finally, I decided to put myself at work and produce something that could be called creative . So what do you all think of this photograp ?

And with this amazing art collection Day 3 comes to an end. Topic for day 4 : Friendship.


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