Art Challange : Day 2!

So the topic for day two was “something or someone you dislike” and my my people have come up with such creativity and strong messages that are splendid. It’s great to see that people are enjoying this game as much as me! Keep playing people and keep that silly grin on your face !

Here is a sketch by Mr Seraph Dutt that speaks the language of the lungs and the air! Keep up the good work sir ! 

And here is a click by Mr Siraj ! Well now I am sure 9 out of ten of us will agree that we did loath math as long as we had it . So mr Siraj keep your faith strong you will get past it sir 😉

Talking about depth are we ? Here is an amazing click and edit by miss Soumya Abidi. Her words speak the depth of current world situation .

“My art says it all” are the words of miss Tazeen who has submitted this art work of her’s . Indeed such depth of dislike don’t need the support of empty words.

With sketch and doodling and words miss Habiba has done it all to portray her dislikes! 

The dreadful lizard it is! Miss Yashfeen Fatima’s creativity makes this ugly creature Look beautiful ! But indeed we won’t forget that you dislike it !

Sketch by mr Hammad Uz Zafar . He dislikes the fact that no matter how hard he tries he can’t get her off his mind !

Miss Nawira Rafi hates the sight of this parasitic insect 🙈 and I am sure a lot many of us will agree to her !

Write up by Mr Kamran.

Another no smoking lover is here! A sketch by miss Aayushi Bharadwaj.

Write up by miss Afreen Fatima .

Here is a photo submission by me Shashank Gupta. Apparently it’s studies that he dislikes the most. But then again who likes to study eh!?

So people by this we come to an end to the submissions of day 2 ! I am sorry for not being able to put up my submission . Trust me I am not as lazy as people who know me might say I just have been over flooded with work recently ! But no more excuses I promise to be regular from day 3! 
The topic for DAY 3 : “something RED” . Go crazy, go creative , let your heart paint everything with your creative hand RED ! 


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