The purity in untouchability – myth of virginity.

Living in the 21st century are we? 
He said ” nothing would please me more than the blood that will flow through you when the first time we do it” were the words coming from the mouth of a guy for his beloved, the guy being a staunch believer of gender equality. Why is it that the purity of a girl is judged by the fact of her capability to bleed on her wedding night ? What if she was in love with a boy and sex is after all an act of love and further somehow it didn’t work for whatever may be the reason and they break up. In this situation does the girl has no right to start afresh? To fall in love again, to get married and start a family. Why all the ristrictions on girls when it comes to the talk of virginity. A girl is not a metal that you measure it’s purity on the basis of what other metal has it been mixed with and to what extent. A girl is a girl. She has as much feelings as anyone who is capable of having them . 

I feel disgusted when the “oh so liberal people” of our society , act as goons when it comes to their lives. It’s fine to have sex with a girl who is your girlfriend but a wife well she has to be a virgin. Such hypocrisy burns me from within.

Of all the sort of mix and match of people that society is made of , hypocrites are the ones that sting me the most. A million of tinny glass pieces pierce me at a million different places when I read or hear or encounter such incidents that makes me want to curse God for creating women with such qualities which if once ended at certain circumstance might be the cause of life long pain and punishment to her. 

If a girl gets raped it’s her fault she must have provoked the boy, if she is beaten well she deserves it she must have outraged her man, if she does not bleed on the wedding night she is labeled to be a harlot. 

Of all the towns of all the continents of all the worlds that ever exist , from the past till the present , it’s only the female sex that had to go through trials in order to prove their chastity. These unnumbered labels that engulf the she sex are outrageous . it’s not before long that the last string of their patience will break and the thunderstorm that will follow might creates such huge tides that will engulf the world as a whole.


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