Incredible India 

I was on a 5 day traveling tour. And covered the golden triangle of tourisim in india. That is Delhi , the capital of the country, Rajasthan which has it’s own rich history and cultur which is still shows in it’s residents and finally Agra where one of the seven wonders of the world is located – ” Taj Mahal” . This blog post covers the magnificent Taj Mahal , there will be two more similar posts on delhi and Rajasthan . As per now I    shall let the lense of my camera speak.

This is one of the surah from the holy Qur’ Aan  that has been ingraved on the outer walls of the Taj Mahal. With the magnificent and majestic body that this place holds and even though I was surrounded by hundreds of people who came to visit the place , I felt that the graves beneath this beautiful dome still kept the atmosphere that of calm and untouched .

Situated on the banks of river Yamuna ,the location enhances Taj Mahal’s beauty. The sunset is a sight to behold when you look at it standing on the marble floor of the Taj . Just awe struck.

A picture of Taj Mahal partially hidden by the trees , which are acting as a Viel to protect the beauty beneath. 

Finally here is a full view picture of “Taj Mahal” . Ever have you encountered something that is not living and yet is capable of stopping your heart beat mid way . It was my first visit to the place and all I want to do now is re visit it and sit under the gardens outside . Perhaps read a bit? Or maybe just admire the beauty of the place that so aptly justifies as being the somnolent of love . It’s not on false notation that this monument is one of the seven wonders of the world.  


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