eople have different ways of portraying their emotions. Some use anger, some tears, some click photographs to speak out their heart’s desire and some , like me , use words. 
HYPOCRITES. Yes they are living breathing “things” around you. They themselves might have done a thousand splendid tasks which are so very socially disapproved by them when someone else does them. This is one of the many characters that will help you recognise these “things”. But if you want to look deeper to save yourself from the claws and clutches of these “things” then you, my friend , need to watch out. They wear all sorts of masks that make you believe that they are your well wishers or your guardian angels but when you really look up close , you see pitchfork hiding behind their halo. And if even now you have trouble finding them then let me give you another of their biological characteristic. When you cut your finger and if that “thing” sees the blood, it might jump up and come yelling to you that it matches to its blood as well! And you might fall for that. You might believe that it belongs to your bloodline and will stand by you no matter what. But as soon as that “thing” gets a chance it will put its pitchfork into that blood and Vallah! it turns black. Just like a black widows venom. 

All that’s said and done. I want to pre warn the humans out there to beware of such “things” called hypocrites. 


The hunt

The twinkling of stars above and below. He reached for her hand in that moment of serenity.Heart pounding, millions of questions popping up like a hideous devil making his palm sweat cold. She tilted her head in a way that made him catch his breath mid way. 

She leaned towards him and whispered into his ear ” Only if you will get me a firefly will i be yours.”

Walking ahead he realized that a lion’s paw wasn’t meant for such hunts.

Daily Prompt: Complicated

via Daily Prompt: Complicated

For the most complicated things tend to hold a certain gripping beauty towards them. have you seen the jigsaw puzzle? how beautifully the piece slide from one place to another and they keep on sliding until the puzzle is completed. that complicated thing when sorted gives a peace  of mind that an uncomplicated thing would never have. its not that simple things aren’t beautiful, its just the complicated things makes your mind stir and forces you to come up with a solution to make the most ugly situations turn beautiful. as it is , its not until you face a thunderstorm that you appreciate the beauty of a rainbow.


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